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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Tartarean Desire / May 2004


This interview with drummer Marko Tarvonen from the Finnish folk metal band Moonsorrow was done through e-mail by Silence in May 2004 with additional questions from Vincent Eldefors.

In the autumn of 1995 the Sorvali cousins Henri and Ville had an idea of forming a sheer pagan metal band. The result was Moonsorrow who have now released three full-length albums. With the present re-release of their debut album "Suden Uni" their drummer Marko Tarvonen took some time to answer a few of our questions.

Hello! How are you doing?
I'm fine thanks. Just looking forward to the summer!

First of all let us know something about you for those of our readers that don't know you that well. Where are you from and what kind of music are you playing?
Moonsorrow is Finnish epic heathen metal band as we call it. Metal mixed with progressive and folk music influences.

Your debut album "Suden Uni" has been re-released now including some extra-stuff. What was the actual idea behind re-releasing it?
There was a huge demand for it because it's been originally pressed only 2000 copies and sold out years ago.

"Suden Uni" was originally released through Plasmatica Records, can you tell us something about this deal?
It was good on paper but turned out a rip-off. So fuck it!

You have been with Spinefarm Records for several years now, what kind of importance to you think this label has had for Finnish metal? Has it created the modern Finnish metal scene or has the Finnish metal scene created Spinefarm?
I think it's both. But I think it's not always a good thing. More originality is needed from the bands that get signed. Of course it's very good to have a major metal label here in Finland.

Do you know how well your albums have sold so far?
Yes I know but that's NOT important for us. Although it's nice to see that there's many people who likes us in the world. For the fans and the gods!

You started writing material for your next album. Do you have already any plans for the new album? If so, which?
We're supposed to go to the studio in September. It's gonna be out in the beginning of 2005.

What are your main inspirations?
Morricone, sausage & beer.

How would you describe your own style? What are the reasons that your lyrics are in Finnish? Would there be a big difference if your lyrics were in English?
They won't sound so great. Finnish is so beautiful language and it's funny to mess with people with Finnish words.

What are your touring plans this year? Will there be any shows outside Finland?
We just played our first shows outside Finland in Croatia and Hungary. They went really nicely! I don't think we're touring this year because the recordings of the album but we might do some dates later. In 2005 there will be a tour in Europe for sure!

So if you look back at your past albums, tours and simply the last years of your band history, is there any event/show you like to remember? For example I read on your website that your last show in Budapest was very successful.
Most pleasant memories are of course the time when our first album came out and the Budapest show with Kalapács!

Do you have any plans or wishes for the future?
To tour alot!

The band members are and have been involved with other bands and projects, what is going on outside the band at the moment? Is it possible to focus on Moonsorrow but still have bands on the side?
Yes, there are no problems with the other bands or projects because we usually got things in schedule easily. It goes in periods like this year we can do other bands like Finntroll and Chaosbreed and next year we'll spend more time with Moonsorrow because the new album is going to be released and all that.

That's basically all. Do you have any last words for our readers?
Arany Hordo and Kabanossi are our best friends so I want to send them my greetings! Thanks for the intie!

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