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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Fan questions / Second half of 2001


A bunch of fans' questions, answered by the bandmembers, from newer to older.

Tomas asks "I am just curious as to what bands are your main influences? Also who is your favorite drummer?"

Baron answers "As a song-writer I guess the most important influences are Bathory, King Crimson and say, Bal-Sagoth maybe. But I actually don't think we should do songs reminding these bands. We just make the music we love. My fave drummers are Bill Bruford, Phil Collins & Keith Moon. From the metal genre I can mention Pete Sandoval & Gene Hoglan." (10.01.2002)

Sami asks "Hail! I've listened to "Voimasta ja Kunniasta" quite many times now and always the same thought crawls into my mind... I mean, where did you get the inspiration to create pagan metal in the first place? And to which themes and eras does the album relate, what is the inspirational source in your lyrics? When I checked the album "Tämä Ikuinen Talvi", I noticed that at least you have some Finnish influence, so I ask do you recognize any of it in your style (e.g. Kalevala or primordial Finland)? And when I looked at the gig list I was amazed that you have only been in Helsinki? How about a gig in Oulu? That would be cool!!" (translated from Finnish)

Ville answers "Where did we get the inspiration to create pagan metal in the first place? We just felt like it, for the sake of Iki-Turso! :) I think it was quite natural considering that we have pagan values and we like metal music. And yes, we recognize a lot of "Finnish influence" in our style. Thematically "Voimasta ja Kunniasta" is circling around the Finnish iron age, or perhaps more of the latter period, that is from year 1000 to the christian invasion. About gigs, no we have not played only in Helsinki. We have also played in Turku and soon also in Hämeenlinna. Nitpicking aside, we do however wish to conquer the whole Finland. Book us. :)" (04.01.2001)

Demon's vision asks "Was it you who created the music for that humanoid hombres from planet horror movie? An amusing flick by the way. =)" (translated from Finnish)

Mitja answers "Yes, I'm responsible for the "UFO-intro" and some other stuff. There were also two other guys making that crappy music." (30.12.2001)

szyna asks "When you will play a concert in Poland?"

Henri answers "To this and all other "When do you come to [insert your country here] to play a gig?" - We come if someone arranges a gig there, asks us to play there, pays all the expences etc.... use common sense! :) But anyway, no gigs are planned outside Finland at the moment, sorry." (28.12.2001)

Paulo Ricardo da Silva asks "Hello there... this is a brazilian fan of moonsorrow, since 1991 i'm a fan of BATHORY and since that time i have aways looking for new bands with that heathen vibe, so i found vintersorg, thyrfing, finntroll... but MOONSORROW is absolutely the best one, great lyrics and musicians, so my question is: Where do you find inspiration for your lyrics? Are they all based on historical events? you have any tour booked? and of course... What you know about the brazilian metal scene? Thanx and stay metal"

Ville answers "Well hello. 1. Where do you find inspiration for your lyrics? - Mostly from my own feelings and from the music to which I'm writing the lyrics, I think. All of our lyrics are not based on historical events, of course, but history is certainly a major source of inspiration even in fictional texts. 2. Do you have any tour booked? - No. 3. What do you know about the brazilian metal scene? - Something at least. During the years I was more active in the underground circles, I got acquainted with quite numerous Brazilian bands. And of course I am rather familiar with the old legends Sarcofago and Mystifier. Thank YOU and stay metal." (27.12.2001)

Kimmo from HML asks "What do you guys think of the Hämeenlinna-based groups Cadacross and Turisas? I'm not sure if you already have heard Cadacross, but at least Turisas must be familiar to you... I think these bands hold a lot of potential... and Cadacross' "So Pale is the Light" is brilliant as a debut album." (translated from Finnish)

Ville answers "Haven't heard Cadacross yet, you got that right, but I know the name. Turisas plays some nice muzak and as they really seem to put effort in all that they do, they're in danger to become one of my favourite bands in Finland. Potential, as you say. I'm definitely looking forward to checking out both bands in Stormbringer 2002." (19.12.2001)

Ukkosen ylistäjä kysyy "Mitenkä tuo teidän keikka politiikka, koska rupeette heittään rundia ympäri Suomen synkkiä kaupunkeja? Ukkonen jyrähdelköön päällänne."

Baron vastaa "Tuskin tämmöisellä musiikilla mitään rundia on järkevää tehdä Suomessa, kun ei tämä kuitenkaan ole se maamme myyvin hevibändi, mutta keikkoja tehdään juuri niin paljon kuin joku niitä meille myy." (18.12.2001)

Janne Tulkki asks "Reveal the secret recipe of warmead (krigsmjöd)!!" (translated from Finnish)

Henri answers (17.12.2001) - Recipe for Krigsmjöd

Antti asks "Have you got any t-shirts for sale?" (translated from Finnish)

Henri answers "T-shirts are not available at the moment, but we are most definitely planning to do some." (17.12.2001)

Jupe asks "ÖÖÖÖRRRRRGGGGHHH. Has Henri possibly been making any synth music, it would be nice to hear that!!!!! YEAAARRRGGGHHH!!!!!! PERRRRKKEEELLLEEE!!" (partly translated from Finnish)

Henri answers "Yes....but it is not available right now. I'm working with a full-lenght album (or been have working with it for three years, heh) but nothing is available until I have made that one ready. It will be worth waiting, however.... :)" (17.12.2001)

Unnamed asks "When shall you make a music video!? And do you believe in SANTA CLAUS???" (translated from Finnish)

Ville answers "A sort of a live video clip is on the works, and it shall appear on this page when it's complete. And yes, that fellow exists for certain, albeit Santa Claus is NOT his real name. :)" (16.12.2001)

M. Mikael Tutti asks "Say there, good Baron: as I understand, you use your computer to write the Gorewinter stuff. Exactly what software/methods do you use?

Baron answers "Pretty much the same way as we´re doing in Moonsorrow with Henri. First we put the drums (midi) and synths to seq (I use Cakewalk 8.0), then recording the whole shit to a multitrack-studio softw. (CoolEditPro, Logic Audio, Cubase... they´re many, I prefer CoolEditPro ´cause it´s simple and fast to use) After this we record the real guitars & bass straigth to the computer through preamps, mix the shit and burn the cd. Voila! A Moonsorrow-demo is done! A week before we go to TicoTico, we rehearse a bit! ;) Trackers suxx big time! Öhhh..... except Acid by SonicFoundry which is cool to play some very weird shite! If you want more info about trackers, just send e- mail with subject "Dj Vermo & Trackers" to mitjaharvilahti@hotmail.com and you´ll know everything about ´em!

Pyry asks "Is the picture on the background of the lyrics of \"Köyliönjärven Jäällä\" on the \"Suden Uni\" album actually taken from Köyliönjärvi?" (translated from Finnish)

Ville answers "I admit there are grounds for doubt, but the impression is the same altogether." (04.12.2001)

Mike asks "Since i must ask a question i will ask this....How's the weather up there? I'm from Montreal Canada and the real reason i'm writing this is to express my gratitude for creating the most original and inspiring metal i've heard in a long time. I hope that one day you'll be able to tour on this side of the world, I hardly ever get a chance to see the bands i really like. This is probably a long shot but just incase your interested check out braveconcerts.com, they're the local promoters who get all the metal bands from europe out here. Keep thrashing!! p.s: bring finntroll along with you"

Henri answers "Thank you for the nice words you enlightened our day with! Playing in Canada sounds actually pretty good, if not counting the "several" miles between us as a problem... :) You see, it isn't actually rather cheap to fly there, etc.....but we'll figure something out. Maybe when we have sold 50000 albums someone is willing to pay the expences, heh. Anyway, the weather today (WHAT a question,huh?!???!?!??!??!!!??) is a major disaster, as all the snow we got a week ago is being washed away by RAIN.

:( Damn this coast weather! And yes....we'll keep (metal) thrashing (mad)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" (29.11.2001)

Oliver \"Wolfchild\" Wolf asks "Hello, Lord Eurén, I have a few questions for you: 1. Is it possible that Moonsorrow will come to Germany? 2. How good can you speak German? Good enough to answer my questions? If not English is also fine. 3. I really like Viking Metal. Are there any interesting bands in Finland? 4. What does \"Wolf\" mean in Finnish? That would be all, for now. I think its great that a band is taking care of their fans, if they answer their questions, even if there are some senseless ones. Very much greetings from Germany."

Lord answers "1. Nothing is impossible, but I think not very soon. 2. Es ist besser, daß ich nur Englisch sprechen. 3. There are no "viking metal" bands in Finland. 4. Susi (es ist Susi)." (14.11.2001)

Vethor says "Hail!! tammikuussa sit h:linnassa pistetään tukat pyörimään!!!"

Baron answers "Alrighty then!" (14.11.2001)

Lord McJake asks "Are you going to play many songs from your new album on your Nosturi gig? Vihreällä Valtaistuimella is an absolute must." (translated from Finnish)

Ville answers "It is a release gig so there is no excuse for not performing as many songs from the new album as possible. :) We have never rehearsed Vihreällä Valtaistuimella, let alone played it live, so I'm afraid we will not hear that one on December 7th." (04.11.2001)

Oliver \"Wolfchild\" Wolf asks "You describe your music as \"Epic Heathen Metal\". What kind of music is that? Is that some kind of Viking Metal or something? I also want to know where I can order your CD's, and which languages can the whole Band speak (German whould be great)."

Ville answers "Epic Heathen Metal is, as the title indicates, basically metal music with epic proportions and a heathen content. It does somewhat resemble the style one would call Viking Metal, however that is not the term to describe Moonsorrow.
We all are Finnish natives and as far as I'm concerned, all of us also speak rather fluent English. At least I, Henri and Mitja can also handle a bit Swedish and Lord has let us comprehend that he knows some German.
As for our cd's, take a look at the Memorial page on this very same site." (10.10.2001)

Leadjade Heavy asks "Exactly how many bottles of Koskenkorva does it take to sleep peacefully in Rock Café Maestro?"

Lord answers "Depends on the size of the bottle. Usually from one to seven." (02.10.2001)

Frititis asks "Just one question, could we someday see you play here in Guadalajara Mexico?? Please think about it, Moonsorrow rules!"

Mitja answers "Hi! A gig in Mexico would be one of the greatest things ever! But unfortunately we don't know so much about any gigs yet. Let's see what happens when the new album comes out!" (02.10.2001)

Peikkolaps' Eikkoti-Peikkoti asks "There wouldn't be any of your mp3's available, would there? Moonsorrow and Finntroll rule PERKELE!!!" (translated from Finnish)

Henri answers "Nope, no MP3 stuff at the moment. I promise that they will come before next christmosh, but nothing is sure before that, I guess. :)" (23.08.01)

asks "When will you come again to Nosturi for a gig?" (translated from Finnish)

Mitja answers "If someone offers us a gig we'll be there for sure!" (21.08.01)

Vandala asks
"When will there be new gigs? Could Tampere be one of those places where you will be seen during autumn?" (translated from Finnish)

Mitja answers "There has been some discussion about a small tour, but no dates or places are known yet. Tampere could very well be one of those places." (18.07.01)

Raadelman noidat asks "Are you Mitja intending to use that lovely rivet collar on future gigs as well?" (translated from Finnish)

Mitja answers "As you wish Kirsi! No, actually it almost strangled me during the gig at Nosturi, so I don't think I'll wear it anymore. What a shame!" (18.07.01)

Worgathor asks "Have you planned playing a gig in Lutakko, Jyväskylä..? It would be nice to see you guys live... I mean Helsinki is quite far away so I can't get there anyway..." (translated from Finnish)

Ville answers
"Yes, we have been talking about actually touring Finland for quite a while now but we would just need someone to organize it. If and when it comes true, we definitely hope that Jyväskyl" is one of our stops. Hereby I would like to invite everyone interested in booking us outside Helsinki to get in touch." (15.07.01)