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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

SF Media / October 2013


Interview: Moonsorrow

By Jeremy Vane-Tempest

Finnish metal band MOONSORROW are heading our way this November. We sat down with lead guitarist Mitja Harvilahti to chat about Australia, wombat wrestling and venereal diseases.

First things first, though. MOONSORROW is what Mitja describes as a “pagan metal band with elements of black metal to traditional Scandinavian music with prog rock elements here and there.” What he’s trying to say is that it’s freaking awesome. Their most recent album, entitled ‘Varjoina Kuljemme Kuolleiden Maassa’, was released last year. We just had one queston for Mitja: what the hell does that mean?

“It means ‘As Shadows We Roam The Land Of The Dead’, he laughed. “It´s a very conceptual album, it has a post-apocalyptic story line of group of people that are searching for life and future in the dead world. It´s our first complete concept album and everything the music, lyrics and the art work goes hand in hand with the story. I recommend people to buy the vinyl copy of it to enjoy it in the best possible way, with the big pictures of the gatefold.”

“CD really killed the visuality from music, and internet downloading killed the rest, but vinyl is coming back! We have a huge 13 LP Collector’s Edition Box coming out next year! That is, at the moment, the biggest LP box ever in the history of metal. It will be gorgeous with all the art and extra stuff.  Very limited and very collectable too.”

Sounds badass! What’s even more badass is that MOONSORROW are hitting our shores in November for the first time in the band’s eighteen year history. Mitja is understandably stoked. “We are super excited,” he enthused. “It’s really exciting to get to tour on a new continent for us, and Australia is such an exotic location to Finns that it´s even better. None of us have visited Australia before, so it´s a great chance for us to come for a tour! We have no idea how big we are over there, so it will be interesting but also a little nerve wracking. We have no clue if there will be full house every night or two guys and a dog! But from what I know of Australian mentality, the crowd will be crazy and interactive with the bands. That´s what we want to see, because that way we can give the best show possible!”

Mitja continued, genuine excitement reverberating through his words. “We wanted to come for a long time, people have writing to us and asking us to come for years. That was nice but we couldn’t do anything. We don´t book our shows. We can’t just say ‘Hey, let´s go to Australia!’ It has to come from the local promoters and tour organisers. I guess there was so much noise about us that Metropolis Touring took the task, and here we are, coming to Australia finally! So big thanks goes to the fans! And Metropolis, naturally.”

It’s not all sunshine and lollipops down here, though. The vast majority of our native fauna is quite capable of killing the unwary traveller. Still, they’ll have to hug a koala, right? “I happen to know that many koalas are carrying chlamydia!” Mitja exclaimed. “I´m not hugging those dirty, STD infested fur balls! I think I´m going for wombat wrestling instead.”

“Seriously though, we’ll try anything,” he continued. “Learning to surf, drinking beer, getting wasted, going to museums and seeing some wildlife would be awesome! The Australian continent has such interesting fauna. That, for me, is the biggest attraction. Unfortunately, our schedule is so tight that I think hugging a koala would be the closest thing we can see of the natural environment. Frankly, just to get a glimpse of each city would be cool. If you people reading this have any suggestions of what to do in each city, we are more than happy to get some info at our Facebook page!”

Well, fans. You heard the man. Hit up their Facebook page and them what they should do in Australia!

Tour Dates

Wednesday 20th November – Hi Fi, Brisbane
Thursday 21st November – The Gov, Adelaide
Friday 22nd November – Manning Bar, Sydney
Saturday 23rd November – Hi Fi, Melbourne
Sunday 24th November – Rosemount, Perth

Trash Baggery / October 2013


07 Oct. 2013

Dark Souls Intertwining Australia

Metalheads get excited. Finnish metal band Moonsorrow are hitting our shores for the first time this November and are set to rock.
Incorporating black metal and progressive rock with traditional Scandinavian music, these guys take listeners on a heathen metal journey immersing them in their unique sound and epic musical sagas.

Lead guitarist Mitja Harvilahti filled us in on the Dark Souls Intertwining Australia tour and what to expect when Moonsorrow hit town.

I. Can’t. Wait.

As your first tour in Australia, what are you looking forward to most?

Heh, everything! First of all, the shows of course! That’s why we’re coming anyway. But it’s really exciting to play on a new continent and none of us have visited Australia before, so naturally we are looking forward to new experiences.
We don’t have too much time off, since every day we hop on the plane and get to a new city, but we do our best to get a glimpse of each city we play in.

Why has it taken you this long to get over here? We can’t wait to see you!

I have no idea! We’ve been waiting for this for a long time as well.
I must say that the feedback from Australia have been growing a lot during the last 2 years so maybe it’s only now a good time for us to finally come over. We never had any promotion in OZ except of the social media and however people find new bands. So it takes its time for the word to spread.
But we are thankful for the fans for making noise about us!

What can fans expect from the show?

Fans can expect very energetic shows that will cover material through the whole discography, not just new stuff. I think it’s fair, since many of you have been waiting for a long time and know our stuff thoroughly. We will surely give the best shows we can! And I hope the crowd is as crazy as we’ve heard!

For audiences who are new to you guys, how do you describe your sound?

I usually describe it as blackish metal with elements from traditional Scandinavian music and influenced by progressive rock. We call it Pagan Metal but often we are put in the category of Folk Metal. In the Folk Metal genre we represent the more epic and darker side of it.

Who influences your music?

Many, many bands but the main influences for Moonsorrow as whole are King Crimson, Bathory, many early BM bands, Enslaved, traditional Finnish and Scandinavian music, Pekka Pohjola, Slayer, Pink Floyd.

If you could collaborate with any artist/s, dead or alive, who would it be?

Jeff Hanneman, Kraftwerk, Quorthon, Slash, Motörhead, John Lennon, Windir, Anal Cunt. That’s about it right now!

Party hard or chill in your hotel room, how do you guys celebrate after a gig on tour?

Well that really depends on the day and on the tour.
On a tour like this we will hang out and party after the shows for sure!
But if the tour is long, we start taking it more easy at some point or occasionally. Some guys party more and some might go straight to bed after the show, depending on the day. That’s the nice thing about tours; you’re quite free to do as you please. If you’re in a mood for a party, there is always someone to join. Especially when you’re touring in a big nightliner with 18-21 people. You have the upper “deck” for sleeping and relaxing and downstairs there might be a 24/7 party going on! Like in a party boat! I miss that traveling right now. Been home for waaaay too long. So we’re glad to have some action and come to play some shows!


Dark Souls Intertwining Australia – November 2013

Wednesday 20th –  Brisbane – Hi Fi
Thursday 21st –  Adelaide – The Gov
Friday 22nd – Sydney – Manning Bar
Saturday 23rd – Melbourne – Hi Fi
Sunday 24th – Perth – Rosemount Hotel

Julienne Gillet