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Friday, July 22, 2011

Deaththrasher Magazine / Autumn 2004



DT: Hello MARKO, How are you?.
Marko Tarvonen: I'm great and we're great because we just finished our new album!

DT: When & why the band was formed? (current line – up).
Marko Tarvonen: MOONSORROW was formed in 1995 by HENRI and VILLE. They made a couple of demos together before all of us others joined the band. Why? I really don't know. I guess they needed to play this kind of music (although it wasn't exactly like this back then, hah!)

DT: Who put the name of the band and why?.
Marko Tarvonen: It was taken from CELTIC FROST's song "Sorrows Of The Moon".

DT: What memories do you have about your "Suden Uni"?, tell us about the different booklets.
Marko Tarvonen: It was our some kind of dream come true. You know, to have your debut album done and out. Of course we were on a small Record Company then so it wasn't pressed so much. Luckily our recent Record Company SPINEFARM got the rights for the album so it was easy to re-release worldwide with new cover art and some bonus material on DVD. The first pressing had this yellow cover with a wolf howling on a stone. The new one was made by NIKLAS SUNDIN (from DARK TRANQUILLITY) and it has this man with a wolf's head on it. It's quite cool I think!

DT: Your musical influences?
Marko Tarvonen: Scandinavian folk music, some 70's Progressive Rock, BATHORY, (old) BORKNAGAR, (old) ULVER, (old) AMORPHIS...

DT: How do you describe your style?
Marko Tarvonen: Epic Heathen Metal. Extreme Heavy Metal mixed with Folk and Prog Rock elements. Very Finnish.

DT: What CD's / bands have you been listening to lately?
Marko Tarvonen: I've been listening very much RUSH lately and also American Punk Rock like DROPKICK MURPHYS, FLOGGING MOLLY. Also NEUROSIS is my favorite band. And of course those old BATHORY albums.

DT: How did the idea of "Voimasta Ja Kunniasta"?
Marko Tarvonen: It's our second album and many of our fans say it's our best album. Well I appreciate their opinions as it's very good album and it's nice to play those songs on stage.

DT: Tell us a little more about the "Voimasta Ja Kunniasta", was recorded on the legendary TICO TICO Studios?
Marko Tarvonen: We've recorded all of our albums in TicoTico because it's simply the best studio for us in Finland and AHTI (the Engineer) is so fantastic guy. He's so easy to work with. Voimasta Ja Kunniasta was made in a huge rush, like only in two weeks, so the sound is not so big as we wanted to but after all it's very good album I think.

DT: What topics do you consider in your lyrics?... Who writes the music and lyrics in the band?
Marko Tarvonen: VILLE writes all the lyrics. He deals with the olden times of Finland. Our cultural heritage and pagan religions are for sure a big influence on him. HENRI (mostly) and I have written most of the music on our albums.

DT: What do you think about CHAOS BREED’s “Brutal”... talk me about your work in CHAOS BREED!
Marko Tarvonen: Well well the crisis management music! I play the guitar in CB. Death Metal in a Scandinavian way! Very cool debut album that "Brutal". Now we're writing songs for the next album.

DT: How is a gig with MOONSORROW?
Marko Tarvonen: It's different to our albums. Our sound is more uglier because we don't have all those keyboard lines going on. We don't use any backing tapes or anything like that. It's only 5 persons covered with blood and playing on ten!

DT: What about GOREWINTER?
Marko Tarvonen: GW was a Black / Death Metal band of mine and MARKUS's when we were younger. We started about at the same time as MOONSORROW in 1995. We only did a few Demos. It wasn't a band, it was more a project.

DT: Do you have any favourite songs on the album "Kivenkantaja"?
Marko Tarvonen: Raunioilla and Tuulen Tytär. Well, all of them are very good. It's our best album so far.

DT: Do you remember bands like PHLEGETHON and DEMILICH?.
Marko Tarvonen: Yes I remember those. I'm not sure if DEMILICH was reformed again...?

DT: Your musical Productions?
Marko Tarvonen: You mean albums right? Besides MOONSORROW and CHAOS BREED I'm playing in a Strange Industrial Symphonic Metal band called THE WICKED. We've done two albums. Also I and HENRI have started a Folkcore band called UKKOSENJUMALAN POJAT (Sons Of The God Of Thunder) it's very much Punk than Metal. We were talking about doing an album with that too.

DT: What do you know about Peruvian Scene?
Marko Tarvonen: Does KRANIUM still exist? I don't know very much of Peru because I've never been to South America. Our Label Manager on PLASMATICA RECORDS was from Peru but lived in Sweden. I don't know what he's doing today.

DT: Do you play any other instrument besides drums?
Marko Tarvonen: Guitar.

DT: Your fave European bands?

DT: Where and how you knew to ESA HOLOPAINEN?
Marko Tarvonen: I've known him from the day we started CHAOS BREED. I didn't know him before. He's a great guy and magnificent guitarist!

DT: Which one do you think is the best MOONSORROW's album?
Marko Tarvonen: Like I said it's Kivenkantaja. But our next will be even better!

DT: What do you think of TANELI JARVA’s; work with THE BLACK LEAGUE?
Marko Tarvonen: TANELI is very strange guy. Usually he's nice and all that but same time he's so misanthropic and nihilist. Anyway he's good friend of mine and I like his band alot.

DT: Is TARJA TURUNEN a friend of yours?
Marko Tarvonen: No I don't know her at all.

DT: Who designed the MOONSORROW's logo?
Marko Tarvonen: HENRI did draw it.

DT: Tell us about the Re -Release of "Suden Uni" please, talk me about the Bonus Track and the Bonus DVD.
Marko Tarvonen: The bonus DVD includes 2 promo videos (and they suck!) and our show from Tuska Festival 2003. Bonus track is a traditional drinking song.

DT: Of all your productions, which one has given you the most satisfaction?.
Marko Tarvonen: Kivenkantaja naturally.

DT: In what musical direction will MOONSORROW be heading in for the next CD?
Marko Tarvonen: Like I said before we just finished our next album called "Verisäkeet" ("Songs Of Blood"). It's like one step forward and two steps backward. More like back to basics album. The sound is very grim. It's more like a guitar-oriented stuff. 5 songs in 70 minutes! Release in February 2005.

DT: What are the plans for MOONSORROW during 2004?
Marko Tarvonen: We have one show in Norway and one show in Finland. Also we're playing a tribute gig for Quorthon and Bathory next weekend. 8 of the best Bathory songs. That's very exciting!

DT: Your last growl for DT. Readers….. where can they find your stuff?.
Marko Tarvonen: Thanks ARMANDO for this interview. We haven't done so many interviews to Peru. I'd love to visit your country some day. Try to find MOONSORROW Records from the major South American Metal Record Stores. If you can't find them you can always order them straight from our website www.moonsorrow.com
Greets & Mosh!

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