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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Metal Daze / 2002


Answered by Ville Sorvali

Tell us a little about the lyrics on your newest album Voimasta ja Kunniasta (Of Strength and Honour). Does the songs follow a common storyline?

- Yes, there is a story behind the lyrics. However, it does not entirely progress in the direction of the music, but there are glimpses of the whole scattered along the way. The main character of the album is a warrior who dies fighting for his village, and the innermost wisdom of the lyrical concept lies in the words 'strength' and 'honour'. Rest assured I hope everyone to construct his/her own story on this foundation, because, after all, the aim is to entertain.

What made you write all your songs in finnish?

- Honesty, willingness to pay homage to our Finnish roots, a poet's desire to find the most comprehensive form of expression. The music we play requires Finnish-written lyrics, but for the sake of all foreign listeners, I promise to trouble myself with a proper English translation every time.

Have you played in any other bands besides Moonsorrow?

- Certainly, however I reckon most of them being only projects of no seriousness whatsoever; after all, I'm constantly just seeking for new channels of expression. The actual bands I currently hassle with besides Moonsorrow are May Withers and Amoral.

What do you think about the present metal-scene? Do you feel that it's easy or hard for a band such as yours to reach a bigger audience?

- The present metal scene is pretty ok, if you ask me (oh yes how banal). A relatively narrow corner has now been generally accepted, but no, the "true" underground spirit of metal will never die. Metal seldom reaches a bigger audience, and I really don't think that your local Moonsorrow would ever be among the most popular bands. Our current sales can be counted in thousands anyway.

You like to call your music Epic Heathen Metal so what do you think about the badly used definition Viking Metal?

- Firstly, I think the term "viking metal" has been inflated and overly corrupted, with 90% of the bands not knowing shit of what they're talking about. Secondly, our concept is not "viking" but more generally heathen, involving a wider spectrum of traditions and beliefs. And yes, it is also important to emphasize the word 'epic' here.

What's your all time favourite album and latest record purchase?

- Aww it's impossible to pick one album and raise it above all the others... Iron Maiden's "Seventh Son of a Seventh Son" initiated me into metal, but also Slayer's "Reign in Blood" and Bathory's "Hammerheart" in turn adjusted the direction of my life on a vast scale; and all in all there must be a dozen albums I look upon as classics. My latest actual purchase was Cruachan's "The Middle Kingdom". I know I should've bought it when it was released, but luckily I found this second-handed digipak of a total mint condition now.

Who are your musical rawmodels?

- There are quite many of those I look upon with great respect, but even though some of them might be real virtuosos, none of them have so much impressed me with their skill than with the very feeling that is present within their performance. The bass players that have influenced me the most are Tony Levin, Steve DiGiorgio and Nocturno Culto, and two of my many favourite vocalists are Mikael Åkerfeldt and Håkan Hemlin. Quorthon has obviously influenced me in crafting epics.

Who do you prefer, Blind Guardian or Lord Belial?

- Neither. I have to admit I don't particularly enjoy the music of either band, yet it seems that the genre represented by Lord Belial can still give me slightly more than the genre of Blind Guardian. Even though all talk about "genres" only annoys me in the end...

Metal Daze thanks Ville and wishes he and all the other guys in Moonsorrow good luck in the future.


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